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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  March 26, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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the senate unanimously passes the $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill after another day of partisan delays. rob: the workforce lands and nancy pelosi's court. >> how many deaths are acceptable? >> none. how many deaths are accessible to me? none. >> help is needed now more than ever, the united states saw its deadliest day since the outbreak, the new cycle could hit. >> thank you for saving my wife's life, a man speaking for most of the country with his message to the heroes in our hospitals. carley: "fox and friends first" continues right now.
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rob: we are watching "fox and friends first" thursday morning. carley: thank you for starting the day with us. rob: a historic vote on the senate floor. >> gays 96, nées 0, the bill is passed. >> hours ago the senate unanimously passing a $2 trillion covid-19 relief bill that could put cash in america's hands, griff jenkins live in washington with the reaction. >> a rough road of brutal negotiations but the senate got their largest relief package in history, both sides tailing is a critical lifeline for an economy on the brink of recession. >> not a single senator voted against this $2 trillion rescue bill to save american individuals, small businesses. >> we are proud we made the bill workers first.
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we are particularly proud that in the bailout funds there is accountability, oversight, transparency, none of which were in the original bill. >> the president praising the last passage, congratulations america. let's show you what is inside starting with the centerpiece, the payment of americans, $1,200 for adults, $2,400 for couples the $500 per child with reductions of income after 75,$000, no payout for anyone with 99,$000, also, threaded $77 billion a small business it to $100 million for hospitals, $200 million or to mystic priorities and there is money for the kennedy center for performing arts which some criticize, they will receive $25 million, now the bill heads to the house, nancy pelosi issuing a statement early this
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morning saying tonight the senate voted on legislation which thanks to leadership of congressional democrats has been turned upside down from a republican corporate focus to democratic worker first focus. she applauded the defeat of a republican attempt to lower expanded employment insurance which some suggested incentivized working and she announced the house will take this up on friday. it is unclear how they will vote on it. she's leaning towards a voice vote where it is expected to pass and here's the kicker. congress may not yet be done. minor leader schumer saying additional legislation is likely needed. carley: the deadliest day in the us since the coronavirus outbreak began. >> 200 people dying in 24 hours bringing the total number of fatalities to more than 1000. >> todd pyro joins us with a gray morning, donald trump's
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task force just gave. >> 81 deaths reported just last night raising the city's total number of deaths to 280 with cases here representing 4% of worldwide infections which fox news confirming the youngest patient in the us has been identified as a 3 week old infant treated on long island now recuperating at home. a makeshift morgue being built in manhattan to deal with the anticipated surge of fatalities in the coming weeks. >> we are the epicenter of this crisis. no one wants that distinction, not a single one of us but it is true, it's not a time for people to give up to say the least because this fight has just begun. >> nationally numbers continue to rise, 69,000 cases, 1050 deaths with 200 deaths yesterday. a new high for fatalities in a single day. worldwide 472,000 cases, more than 21,000 deaths in the
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surgeon general imploring americans to keep up the fight. >> we need america to understand we could be like italy, we could be worse than italy if we don't participate in this 15 days to stop the spread but more and more people are doing the right thing. >> it was hoped the heat of the summer months would slow down the virus, a new warning from the white house task force that the us and other countries need to be prepared for another cycle next winter. >> what we are starting to see in the southern hemisphere, southern africa and mister countries is we are having cases that are appearing as they go into their winter season and if in fact they have a substantial outbreak it will be inevitable that we need to be prepared that we will get a cycle around the second time. >> the worry is while there is hope the disease will subside in the summer it also suggests
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that it could thrive year-round bypassing from country to country. pretty scary thought. >> two grand princess cruise ship passengers have died from the coronavirus, at least one of the two men in their early 60s was under quarantine at the travis air force base in california according to usa today. out of more than 1000 passengers screened on the princess cruise vessel 103 tested positive for covid-19. the hospital ship mercy is set to arrive in los angeles tomorrow. more than 880 medical personnel are preparing to treat non-coronavirus patients including general surgeries and critical care. the largest hospital ship in the world has 1000 beds on board. it sister ship the comfort is preparing a similar mission in
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new york city next month. >> a former fbi agent held captive in iran is believed to be dead. robert levinson vanished on a mission more than a decade ago. the government and levinson's family say information coming from iran indicates he died before the coronavirus outbreak hit that country and hit it very hard. in a statement levinson's family says in part it is -- if not across heartless actions of the iranian regime robert levinson would be alive and home with us today. actress lori laughlin to her husband want to judge to toss out charges in the college admission scandal. the couple and other parents accuse prosecutors of extraordinary conduct, they claim the informant and the case was bullied into lying and key evidence was withheld. they are accused of paying half $1 million to get their daughters into usc, both have pleaded not guilty, the trial begins in october. jillian: today was supposed to be opening day but mlb stadiums will be empty from coast-to-coast as we fight the coronavirus crisis. >> baseball fans still have something to watch. the league is going to stream
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30 classic baseball games on social media. jillian: the commissioner hopes they can gear up by may. >> baseball will be back whenever it is safe to play. we will be part of the recovery, the healing in this country. >> the league canceled spring-training due to covid-19. as america mobilizes to stop the coronavirus threat new fear the virus could come back with a vengeance after it has been contained in this country. >> nevada limiting patient chances of trying a promising drug that has helped some turn the corner. >> they what they have to do what they have to do to save people's lives. i'm on tv with you telling people in america this drug works. >> should chloroquine and hydrochloric when be used before clinical trials are
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rob: america see more than 1000 deaths nationwide, 70,000 people diagnosed. >> the disease may be here longer than originally thought. a doctor for the white house task force sounding the alarm that the virus could come in cycles. >> joining us to explain, johns hopkins school of medicine and fox news contributor doctor marty mc airy. doctor anthony fauci had a scary thought. >> we are seeing cases as they go into their winter season. if in fact they have a substantial outbreak it will be inevitable that we need to be prepared that we will get a cycle around the second time.
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rob: that is the last thing anyone wants to hear. what is your response to that? >> that is right. nobody wants to think about a second wave. what he's talking about is the southern hemisphere, it is winter and we are approaching winter and when people are coughing and sneezing and hacking, they may have co-infection with another coronavirus like the common cold or influenza that can promote the spread. in 1918 they didn't have air travel so slowly over time another continent would get the infection was we are following carefully what happened in the wuhan province because there's a small chance of reinfection and doctor anthony fauci is trying to set expectations at this point. >> every morning we wake up to address increasing numbers. the coronavirus affecting all 50 states, washington dc, at
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least 69,109 cases, 1050 deaths. the president floated the potential easter deadline hoping he can restart the economy at some point for some areas. do you think that is a possibility, somewhere in the middle of the country where it isn't affecting areas as strongly as new york and california? >> i love easter and i would love for us to be full steam at come easter with regular activities but this virus is following the playbook so far that we have seen in other countries and are now seeing in spain play out where they have 800 deaths in the last 24 hours, 2 or 3 weeks before their peak. extrapolated to the us population that statistic would mean about 5000 deaths per day just before our peak.
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i don't see us having a green light by easter as much as i want to be helpful and appreciated leaders for seeing the best possibility. >> looking at the curve start in the united states, we watched italy, they locked down a while ago and their numbers kept going up. when do you think we had that apex? governor cuomo indicates it could happen any time in the next 20 to 40 days. >> i saw and a projection from internal memo at new york presbyterian hospital by the chief of surgery that said it would be 18 to 31 days from today. that is when they expect the need for 1000 icu beds. let's hope that peak is not much of an influx of new patients and the decline can start sooner.
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carley: the anti-malaria drug hydroxy chloroquine, one man says it saved his life, take a listen. >> i had 102 fever, coughing, couldn't speak, couldn't breathe, it was terrible. they started giving me hydroxy chloroquine and four days later my fever broke, i have no symptoms. >> do you think this drug could be the solution? >> there made the promise with the drug. the negative makes sense. if it were me in an icu i would probably take it but you got to remember many people ascribe things to their cures that are just statistically not valid. i have patients who claim all kinds of reasons for being cured but the reality is 99% of people will recover from covid-19 and i'm not sure it can be attributed to the drug.
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rob: the governor of nevada the regulation focuses on outpatient services where there has been evidence of these drugs which can impact those who need the drugs for other conditions, this is a guy that wants to ban off label usage of the malaria drug. if you are living in nevada that has to be pretty scary if you are somebody thinks i might get this and something that might save me the governor is not allowing me to take. what do you make of that? >> i believe in off label usage, the fda can't keep up with indications we like these medications for. there is some overuse off label usage is important. i understand what he's trying to do, people are -- they don't appreciate their is an adverse event, a side effect they need to be mindful of and you never want to take hydroxy chloroquine before you get the infection or in an early stage. it should be reserved for the very sick. >> people in the vatican get it
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if a doctor prescribes it in the hospital. thank you for coming on. the time is 17 minutes after the hour. uncle sam wants you to join the fight against covid-19. rob: a surge of retired members of the military to combat the deadly virus. this is the frels family's land. they grew their first tomatoes right here. and when it snows, the kids go sledding right there. the frels family runs with us on a john deere 1 series tractor. because this is more than just land, it's home. search "john deere 1 series" for more.
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>> back with fox news alert. calling medics and doctors, the army wants you to join the fight against the coronavirus. rob: the number of infected servicemembers triples and five days. >> it is becoming an all hands
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on deck situation. retired soldiers with medical background being asked to return amid the pandemic. hospital ships being sent to both coasts to relieve hospitals expected to be overrun with coronavirus cases. the u.s. army calls the voluntary recall but they are putting feelers out to see which retired officers are willing to combat this crisis has 5 more sailors on an aircraft carrier t tested positive for the virus, eight into are confirmed to be sick. according to the navy this doubles the number of cases on the ship in today. the pentagon has seen its first positive case for the coronavirus, the marine stationed at the pentagon is in isolation it his home. the last day he was at the pentagon was march 13th. the attempt to slow the virus overseas, mark esther ordered a stop to all troop movements for 60 days, applies while us
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forces, take a listen to what he had to say about the pandemic and its spread. >> this is a pandemic, significant infectious disease outbreak and it is going to be weeks, not days. it is going to take intensive measures to mitigate it and it is difficult to be surprised by that because and so we go through it we are not going to know how long it takes. >> in total there are 227 servicemembers, 81 civilians and 40 contractors who tested positive, the virus is not stopping for anyone. >> gun sales and background checks surging amid the pandemic, pictures of long lines outside gun stores are going viral. in florida people are buying 5 times the number of guns compared to this time last year as sales skyrocket, some states
2:24 am
like new jersey are closing gun shops calling them nonessential businesses. >> and graham cracking down on misinformation spreading about the virus, the social media platform removing any content.posted by cable health services, and those called by third-party fact checkers, twitter announcing a similar policy, facebook giving the world health organization free advertising to get the right information out there to people. >> fox corporation and i heart media team up for coronavirus relief, the lingering room concert for america will pay tribute to the healthcare workers on the front lines. singers like mariah carey will live stream performances from their homes. ♪ rob: alicia keys, billy idol, and tim mcgraw. >> the concert is sunday at
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9:00 pm eastern on all fox platforms and radio stations nationwide. rob: many cities struggling to keep up with rising coronavirus cases, chicago's plan to turn hotels into makeshift hospitals. >> congress doing a victory lap while shopping is on main street wonder how long they will be able to stay afloat. our next guest, small business owner who was forced to close all of his businesses, why uses the stimulus bill is a major glimmer of hope. when it comes to autism,
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finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to
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rob: back with a fox news alert the state department flying stranded americans home is borders close with the border crisis in peru. jillian: spain recording a number of new deaths. live in tel aviv, g7 leaders
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work together to fight the crisis. >> reporter: a new collective order went into effect in israel overnight, people are not supposed to go anywhere more than 300 feet outside their homes. there are exceptions to the new rule implemented by benjamin netanyahu but people are saying indoors as israel tries to clampdown on the spread of coronavirus. across europe there are many countries struggling, italy, spain, france and germany among a large list but spain's state of emergency is the country surpassed the death toll china. yesterday spain saw 738 deaths bringing the total of deaths to just over 3500 people. spanish authorities say madrid is the most affected region, the prime minister tested positive for the virus. in italy hospitals are overwhelmed fighting covid-19.
2:30 am
the world health organization says infection rates are slowing at the peak of the virus could come as early as this week. italy has 70,000 confirmed cases. >> asking people to stay at home, shutting down movement is buying time and reducing pressure on health systems but on their own these measures will not extinguish the problem. >> reporter: you heard from the world health organization as the state department works to bring home americans who are stuck abroad as a result of travel restrictions, there are close to 5000 american stuck in peru. lawmakers including marco rubio of florida taking action immediately as the white house announced overnight that donald trump will participate in a g 20 videoconference with leaders from around the world to ensure the united states is on the same page as everyone else as the world works to fight coronavirus.
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jillian: expanding on that, americans are brought home on the same plane used to deport illegal immigrants, 200 people taken back to the state on return flights to el salvador and hunters, both countries placed heavy travel restrictions amid the crisis. detained illegal immigrants to be released during the coronavirus abe, 13 migrants in california claim they are especially vulnerable to the disease, they say being behind bars make social distancing impossible. at least one detainee has tested positive for covid-19 in new jersey. empty chicago hotels may be filled with coronavirus patients, the city announcing a plan to ease hospitals overcrowding by putting people with mild cases in hotels to isolate them.
2:32 am
the mayor is expecting to have 2000 rooms available by the end of the week. new york university is allowing medical school students to graduate three months early to join the fight against covid-19. that unprecedented move comes in response to governor cuomo's urge to get more healthcare workers on the front lines quickly, 150 students typically graduate every year, 69 students volunteered so far. rob: the $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill passes the senate overnight and heads to the house this morning. >> the strange new reality forced our nation onto something like wartime footing. a proud moment in the united states senate and for the country and we are going to win this. >> new legislation, hopefully we can have ultimately the same bipartisanship. >> send the bill to my desk for signature without delay, i will sign it immediately.
2:33 am
>> while congress takes a victory lap america small businesses remain in limbo at this point. our next guest had to close down all of his business because of coronavirus. carmen pascal joins me with his reaction to what we are seeing in washington. thanks for coming on this morning, what do you make of the progress we have seen overnight? >> it is great that the bill was passed. we have been waiting for that and now that it has we want to get the correct information so that we can act on it quickly. rob: tell us about your business and the situation you are in right now. >> we have a very viable business. we make products and service clients in all aspects of the business.
2:34 am
one day we call client and the next day we were asked to close. over 350 employees had to stop working at a day's notice. rob: how hard is that? you have bills from everywhere in your revenue is cut to nothing. what is that experience like? >> something we have never experienced before. we have had problems in the past with the economy, the banks collapsed, the stock market had trouble. working your way through problems is never the real problem. the real problem is today what is really different is you can't work your way through it. you are closed. you are shutdown. there is nothing you can do.
2:35 am
you feel helpless. rob: that is the hardest part. the latest bill they are going to try to give some help and spend a lot of money to do it, $2.2 trillion. of this gets through the house and signed, $350 billion in small business loans and if you can manage to keep your employees, that should be a typical loan from what i have read. are you optimistic that can carry you through this thing until this virus finally goes away? >> that scenario may be great for companies that are very fluid with cash or in very big amounts of money. very difficult for the small business owner, especially small salons around the country, to be able to keep everyone on the payroll with no
2:36 am
money coming in. these are businesses that work day by day, week by week. they are in a good living when they are working and they are not finding anything so we need to find how to work these packages they are giving, to be able to get help to get these businesses back open, back in progress because hairdressing and salons are very important to the recovery. the fact that we do more than just hair. we don't just cut hair or color hair. people feel good when they are looking good and are able to go out and fight whatever faces them. they are inverted if they don't feel that way. it is important for us to get
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the hairdressing community in action. rob: we wish you look, you're one of many that are struggling with this right now and we hope for the best and hopefully this bill will help you out. thank you so much. we will be right back. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from anyone else. so why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms which most pills don't. get all-in-one allergy relief for 24 hours, with flonase.
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actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases. wash your hands. avoid close contact with people who are sick. avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. stay home when you are sick. cover your cough or sneeze.
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clean and disinfect frequently touched objects with household cleaning spray. for more information, visit this message brought to you by the national association of broadcasters and this station. >> a woman accused of purposely coughing on a produce display forcing the grocery store to throw out 30,$000 worth of food at a time they can barely keep the shelves stocked. rob: the justice department warns pranks like that could face criminal charges under federal terrorism laws. joining us to weigh in judicial analyst and host of liberty file on fox nation judge andrew napolitano. good morning.
2:41 am
>> you almost can't anticipate where these things are going. the fbi would be knocking on your door looking for whether you can afford things or somebody sneezing will turn out to be a terrorist act. this is a novel area of the law and we don't where it will go. rob: can you imagine a situation where they -- seems like one of those dumb kid stories where usually you will find leniency. you see that happening? judge napolitano: the governor of new jersey i will give his do. trying to make a point that we have to socially distance ourselves. of this guy really did have covid-19 and attempt to give it to the cashier over the price
2:42 am
of eggs, he can be charged with very serious crimes. the anti-terror laws say anyone who spreads biological agents among the populace more than once in an effort to change the policy of the government can be tried under the anti-terror laws. i think the state of new jersey overreacted but i understand them wanting to make a point. turns out this guy did not have covid-19 and just said he had it is simple harassment. if he really had it, he will be quarantined immediately against his will, the victim will be court teams immediately against her will and we will see if she gets sick. if she does they have to charge him with serious charges. chloroquine crimes that are occurring right now, you may
2:43 am
encounter collectivity ranging from malicious hoaxes to purposeful exposure and infection of others with covid-19. it meets the statutory definition of biological agents such acts could potentially impact the nation, terrorism related statutes. could this be put in place to hinder bad actors, or enemies abroad, from using this disease against us? judge napolitano: very serious potential issue. the fbi and the military and the intelligence community are deeply concerned about that, whether or not there are people among us who look and act like we do, trying to spread this to cause harm, death, destruction and panic. i assure you the government is working on that. it doesn't appear this person
2:44 am
is in that category but i have seen email traffic come my friends in law enforcement and intelligence, that this is a serious concern but this is novel. never had anything like this, we don't know where it will go. it means they are vigilant. rob: maybe they will make an example of somebody. we appreciate your time. judge napolitano: any time, stay well. rob: the coronavirus outbreak, filing jobless claims. jillian: one pizza shop owner described as the best buff ever because he is sticking his neck out to make sure his workers have money in their pockets. the owners of federico's joins us live. rob: let's check with steve doocy for what is coming up on
2:45 am
"fox and friends". >> don't ask if i have read them but there are that many books back there. finally thursday, what a weekend what a night. the u.s. senate passed 96-0 the gigantic stimulus rescue package. we have reaction from senator tim scott and kevin mccarthy will be joining us and doug collins with washington angle and hhs assistant secretary will give us insight from the white house coronavirus task force. the navy hospital ship numeracy set to arrive in los angeles tomorrow. we will talk about how they are preparing to combat the outbreak. we have a busy 3 hours, 14
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rob: back with a foxbusiness alert, bracing for an unprecedented unemployment reported the coronavirus crisis. cheryl casone he has a preview. it could be a rough day. >> reporter: jobless claims will likely break records, claims that were reported last week amid reports several state's systems were overloaded with applications, estimates are pretty mind-boggling, goldman sachs will see 2.5 million applications, morgan stanley going higher expecting 3.4 million.
2:50 am
oxford economics, one of the most dire projections will see 4 million applications. this will eclipse previous reports was at the peak of the recession, 365,000 claims in march of 2009. other dates, december of 2008 when lehman brothers collapsed, after september 11th, in october of 1982. we will get these numbers every thursday and they are important but rarely move the market in dramatic fashion. today will be different but the report will be released on time as usual. the labor department said important economic indicators like unemployment claims should be presented as they have been in a predictable weekly update. during the white house coronavirus task force briefing donald trump insisted america has to go back to work. >> we don't have a country where they say let's close it down for two years, we can't do that. the stores don't know what is happening in have to get back.
2:51 am
the country wants to get back to work. >> reporter: the release comes out at 8:30 eastern time. obviously this is going to be another all day. rob: got a different audience coming on. kim jong un mystery woman talking to us. carley: appreciate the report. one small business is going above and beyond to take care of their employees, frederico's pizza taking a 50,$000 credit line to pay their entire staff even if they do not work. joining me is co-owner mike warren. you and your brother ryan are very generous people. why did you decide to pay your employees as your business is shutting down?
2:52 am
>> just because they are the people that run our business. without them we are nothing. they are extensions of our family and we take care of family. we couldn't actually want to see them be able to buy the things they need to buy in these tough times and keep going because without them we don't have a business. a small gesture, my brother and i came up with people over profit. jillian: carley: it means a lot to your employees, your call the best boss ever. what is the response been? i know you're getting a lot of media attention. what has the response been within the community? >> the community has been great. the town we are in is a great community in itself and the support from locals, they come
2:53 am
out and support us, great job and we had people driving 40 miles, a man from summit came in the other day, i want to support you, i saw what is going on and truly amazing. i feel bad for the people that are closed and have to close but we just want to get the word out, support your local business. carley: speaking of support a local business, the senate passed a stimulus bill and part of the money is aimed at helping small businesses like yours. i don't know if you have been following the numbers but how will the money impact you? are you looking forward to getting that check or that loan? >> it will help. we are not out of this yet. a week, two weeks, that is the biggest part of this thing, the unknown.
2:54 am
nobody knows if we will be closed tomorrow. rob: i heard people are donating to you because of your generosity and in turn you are donating food to local hospitals. is that true? >> yes. it was funny in the beginning, my brother and i on sunday when this came out and people were calling up to give us donations, we are not accepting donations but we said let's turn this, let's keep our people working and take care of people in the hospital, the police, firemen. my brother is a state trooper, we are going to reach out to them, the ems workers, we reached out to everybody. what we have been doing is every day sending food to the
2:55 am
local ers. they are the few heroes in this fight because without them on the front lines we are not going to beat it. we've got to take care of them, keep them healthy and feed them. carley: are you open for takeout and delivery? >> we are. carley: that is amazing. >> every morning we are sending 30, 40 pizzas to the er. carley: people like you keep our country going, thank you so much, best of luck. we will be right back. [ tires screech ] the big idaho potato truck is touring america telling folks about idaho potatoes. and i want it back. . .
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rob: many companies giving back to everyday heroes fighting coronavirus. starting next week krispy kreme will give away a thousand free donuts every monday to nurses may 11th national nurses week. starbucks offering free tall coffee to first responders through may 3rd. love that. carley: take a look at this one. mystery man brings er doctors and nurses to tar was touching message. the man walked up to a window holding up a sign that said thank you all in emergency for saving my wife's life. i love you all. the photo was taken by a nurse inside morristown memorial hospital in morristown, new jersey. she sent it to her sister-in-law who post it on facebook and watched it go viral.
3:00 am
morsetown is where i grew up. i can personally testify that the doctors and nurses at that hospital are incredible people. rob: that's where you come from morristown, new jersey? carley: yep. rob: good to know. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> not a single senator voted against this 2 trillion-dollar rescue bill. the senate has pitted from one of the most contentious, partisan periods in the nation's history to passing this rescue package 100 to 0. steve: starting with a fox news alert on this thursday morning. the u.s. senate unanimously passed an historic $2.2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill. putting struggling americans one step closer to emergency relief. brian? brian: all right. it comes as the u.s. sees its deadlies


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